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Training System Demonstrator

An interactive demonstration of WebLVC applications and hosted MAK products.

The illustration below shows the Training System Demonstrator that MAK developed for IITSEC 2013. You can mouse over the components of the demonstration to learn how the applications participate in the system architecture. You can also click to launch the web applications in new tabs on this browser (but, you must have a relatively new browser) or use the QR codes to launch the applications on your mobile device, even on your phone.

Mouse over and click in the illustration below to activate the demo

MAK is connecting the dots to make training easier, more capable, and more cost effective

To make it easier for our customers to create and use simulations, we are showcasing the MAK Training System Demonstrator. This system takes the advantages of MAK’s entire product line and connects them together to show you how to reduce operator workload and increase development productivity.

Our demonstrator focuses on a maritime environment simulated by VR-Forces, but we’ll help you see a clear path for a training system in whatever domain you require. In our demonstrator environment, you’ll see air, land, sea, and submarine entities start off behaving according to their plans; through our training interfaces, CGF, and web-apps, users can manipulate the simulation to achieve training in their techniques, tactics, and procedures.

Training Interfaces:

  • Custom high fidelity training interfaces tailored to the specific needs of the student:
  • Radar – Buffalo Computer Graphics, loaned us a Bridge Master E (BME) Radar simulation to add fidelity to the bridge crew station.
  • Bridge OTW – VR-Vantage’s amped up visuals provide a ship’s bridge out-the-window view for the student.
  • Light-weight role-player stations to cost effectively add participants and part-task training opportunities:
  • Task Group Commander – enables interactive control of the entities in the simulation. It is built as a web-client so its portable across desktops and mobile devices.

Instructor Support:

  • Easy-to-use scenario authoring and powerful AI to generate rich and compelling simulated environments:
  • VR-Forces was used to create the scenarios, it is running the scenarios right now, and it can be used during the simulation to manage the activity and create faults to challenge the trainees.
  • Informative visual presentations to maintain situational awareness, analyze training activities, and tell the scenario’s story
  • Innovative web-based instructor apps to control and dynamically influence the training exercise and to automate compelling presentations (Instructor Aid & Presentation Aid)


  • All the components of this system are are connected using MAK’s interoperability products VR-Link, MAK RTI, and VR-Exchange. Right now, this demo is using the DIS protocol, but we can bring it up using any flavor of HLA as needed.
  • The mobile apps communicate using the WebLVC Protocol and are are connected using the MAK WebLVC Server.
  • The terrain database is streamed from our VR-TheWorld Server.