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Air Mission Operations Training Center

Air Mission Operations Training Centers are large systems focused on training aircraft pilots and the teams of people neede to conduct air missions.  

To make the simulation environment valid for training, simulators are needed to fill the virtual world with mission support units, opposing forces & threats, and civilian patterns of life.

Depending on the specifics of each training exercise, the fidelity of each simulation can range from completely autonomous computer generated forces, to desktop role player stations, to fully immersive training simulators.

Scroll down to watch video on how VT MAK’s simulation technology fits into an air missions operations training center. Click in the bottom corner of the video for volume control and full screen viewing. 

The MAK Advantage:

MAK technologies can be deployed in many places within an air missions operations training center.  Here are quick links to the relevant products: VR‑Forces, VR‑Vantage IG, and VR‑Link, the MAK Data Logger and the MAK RTI.

VT MAK provides a powerful and flexible computer generated forces simulation, VR-Forces. Used to manage air, land, and sea missions, as well as civilians activity. It can be the ‘one CGF’ for all operational domains.

Desktop role players and targeted fidelity simulators are used where human players are needed to increase fidelity and represent tactically precise decision making and behavior.

Remote simulation centers connect over long-haul networks to participate when specific trials need the fidelity of those high-value simulation assets.MAK offers an interoperability solution that facilitates a common extensible simulation architecture based on international standards. VR-Link helps developers build DIS & HLA into their simulations. VR-Exchange connects simulations even when they use differing protocols. The MAK RTI provides the high-performance infrastructure for HLA networking.

Local simulators, based on MAK’s VR-Engage, take the place of remote simulations — when connecting to remote facilities is not needed. VR-Engage lets users play the role of a first person human character; a vehicle driver, gunner or commander; or the pilot of an airplane or helicopter.

VR-Engage can be used for role player stations. Or used as the basis for targeted fidelity or high-fidelity simulators.

MAK products are meant to be used in complex simulation environments — interoperating with simulations built by customers and other vendors. However, big efficiencies are gained by choosing MAK products as the core of your simulation environment.

Get ahead of the Game. VT MAK

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