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A complete scenario generation & first-person simulation solution


A powerful and flexible Computer Generated Forces (CGF) platform to fill your synthetic environments with urban, battlefield, maritime, and airspace activity.


Multi-Role Virtual Simulator

VR-Engage lets users play the role of a first person human character; a ground vehicle driver, gunner or commander; or the pilot of a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter.

Loaded with Content

VR-Forces comes with thousands of platform models representing over 150 countries from around the world.

AI Behaviors

Intelligent behaviors so entities move about and interact in the world without you having to specify every move.

Super Flexible

Unlike game engines, VR-Forces can be customized, extended, or re-skinned

— by you — to fit your modeling and simulation architecture.

Providing simulation software products for generating urban, battlefield, and airspace scenarios.

MAK provides a complete scenario generation simulation solution - a powerful and flexible environment for generating and running urban, battlefield, and airspace scenarios. Our flexible VR-Forces framework lets you integrate your specific models into the environment. For everything else, our advanced artificial intelligence, interactive 2D/3D displays, and partner simulation software products enable you to effectively populate your synthetic environment with activity.


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