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MAK WebLVC Suite: 2D/3D Viewer App

View a distributed simulation in a web browser.

As its name implies, the 2D/3D Viewer App provides a 2D tactical map display and 3D display, side by side. On the 2D side, entities are visualized as color-coded dots overlaid on a map. On the 3D side, entities are rendered as 3D models, in the context of a 3D virtual globe. Detailed information about individual simulated entities are provided in a text overlay, such as position, speed, and course. The user is able to use the mouse to move about in the simulated world in 2D or 3D, to see what’s going on.


The 2D/3D viewer leverages number of key technologies:

  • WebLVC provides the link to DIS/HLA exercises, supplying the app with a stream of entity simulation data from the distributed exercise.
  • OpenLayers ( provides the map, symbols, and controls for visualizing and interacting with entities in 2D. OpenLayers is an Open Source JavaScript library for displaying dynamic geographical maps in a web browser.
  • Cesium ( provides the 3D view. Cesium is JavaScript library that provides an API for rendering 3D globes using WebGL in a web browser.
  • VR-TheWorld ( terrain server streams the elevation and imagery data used in the viewer. Several additional imagery layers from Bing maps ( are also provided in the 3D view.

Try it Out

Click on the image below to try out the application. You’ll be able to view an ongoing simulation hosted on our website.  Requires a recent version of Chrome or IE 10.x (Firefox support coming soon).

2d-3d-viewer2D/3D Viewer 

How do I get help?

Click on the ‘?’ button in the upper right hand corner of the app

Where is the scenario coming from?

The viewer is ‘tuned in’ to a simulation hosted on our website. The simulation is logger playback of an exercise originally created with VR-Forces. The scenario consists of a mix of ground and air entities, located in Hawaii.