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Sopra Steria picks the MÄK RTI to power the interoperability of the Shared Virtual Sky

The volume of air traffic is escalating rapidly worldwide. Policymakers in Europe are looking at ways to balance this growth with the needs of air safety, environmental concerns, security needs, and economic competitiveness.

Raydon demonstrates constructive training at the company level

When Raydon needed to demonstrate its ability to conduct constructive training for the US Army Stryker community, they applied their leading-edge training approachand VT MÄK’s COTS products to build the realistic, challenging and complex scenarios to run their distributed simulation.

Bringing Reliable Interoperability to Large Simulations

“The VR-Exchange product was great...I liked how stable the product was. Once set up, we left VR-Exchange running throughout the entire show. The product ran for the entire show without issue.”

“I’d like to congratulate [MÄK] on such a great showing at OBW – a huge number of participants relied on MÄK products for their success.”

National Center for Healthcare Informatics - Amping Up the Realism of Mixed-Reality Training

To ensure top-notch quality and believability of thesimulated humans, NCHCI chose MÄK’s humansimulation software, DI-Guy. DI-Guy’s virtual humancharacters increase the operational complexity ofthe mission. As scenarios play out, pararescue traineesmust beware of threats and are confronted withexplosions of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED),which injure virtual soldiers and civilians in the scenes.

The Battlefield is Evolving: The Increased Threat of Cyber Attack Affects Strategic Decision Making

“What we were able to do with VR-Forces allowed us to lead the research process for the modeling and simulation of Electronic Warfare and Cybernetics; it is through this research that we learn how to best describe the behavior of different cyber attacks and EW tactics to determine scenarios, trends, and courses of action with excellent results,” says Colonel Martha Liliana Sanchez Lozano, of the Colombian Air Force.

RUAG Defence Responds to the French Army’s Request for a Crew Training Simulator Using MÄK Products

“We chose MÄK because of the high-quality performance, functionality, and stability of their products.”



Czech Air Defense Technical Institute Develops a New Mi-171 Helicopter Mission Rehearsal System

“Thanks to the out-of-the-box functionality of VT MÄK tools, VTUL was able to set up a prototype solution in a short amount of time and immediately begin working on details and customizations with the VR-Forces API.”


Lockheed Martin Chooses MÄK RTI for the F-16 Mission Training Center Program

"The MÄK RTI Program Protection Plan allows programs to purchase unlimited licenses of the MÄK RTI as well as other options like a dedicated support engineer, early access to new features, on-demand porting to new compiler versions or operating systems, on-site consulting, or custom features."

Terma Chooses MÄK Technologies Products for Royal Danish Navy Upgrades

"We chose MÄK products because of their knowledge and experience with HLA. For scenario generation, we chose their COTS product VR-Forces®. VR-Forces is flexible and can easily accommodate special requirements. MÄK seems to be serious about making their software highly customizable. We saved a lot of development hours using VR-Forces instead of making our own proprietary scenario generator."

QuantaDyn Corporation Chooses MÄK’s VR-Link for DIS Protocol in Aerial Refueling Simulator

“MÄK was chosen because it is an industry leader in HLA and DIS simulation networking and has many years of experience providing solutions and services in this area,” said Michael Parker, Project Engineer for QuantaDyn.

U.S. Marine Corps Tactical Operations Group (MCTOG) - Teaching Marine Commanders to Detect Hidden Threats

The ability to remotely monitor the activities and behavior or people near your troops, gives you the chance to avert disaster. MÄK worked with the Marines to build the training environment they were looking for. MÄK’s ECOSim helped paint this picture of the cilivian/insurgent town environment, in combination with their Semi-Autonomous Force (SAF). 

Interoperability COTS tools by VT MÄK at the Heart of MLM’s New Approach to Management Systems

“This case is a perfect example for a trend we see more and more, of merging M&S technology within C4I systems,” said Jacob Silbiger from Synergy Integration. “It opens new horizons for mission planning and readiness.”


ITT Uses MÄK Tools for CB Simulation Suite

"We like MÄK because we are able to put faces with products. We get great support. It’s the developers who answer our questions. We know the folks who write the code."


Honeywell SMARTlab Uses MÄK Tools for Simulation Based Acquisition

"Our tools gave the SMARTeam the ability to quickly create a simulation, from scenario development through data collection."

General Dynamics Chooses MÄK’s VR-Link for Threat Simulation Development

MÄK’s VR-Link product is invaluable to our development. We must spend the majority of our development time on building realistic, true-to-life threats for TSMO. Taking away the need to learn the minute details of HLA and keep up with its changes, has given us that extra time to deliver the government the best product possible.


FATS Chooses MÄK VR-Link for all HLA Requirements

"With MÄK’s support, FATS will offer all its future customers the proven HLA product as provided by MÄK. In practical terms, this means that small and supporting arms commanders will be able to conduct combined arms exercises previously unavailable at the tactical level for ground combat."

The Federal Aviation Administration Chooses VR-TheWorld for NextGen Projects

By using VR-TheWorld, the FAA and the NIEC Laboratory have the most accurate feature and elevation data of the “virtual globe” at their fingertips, helping them to determine the most cost-effective and practical methods of bringing satellite-linked systems to all of the National Airspace System.

DSTO Uses VR-Link and VR-Forces to Build RAAF Training Solution

"We were looking for the best bang for our buck. That and our short time scale necessitated looking at available COTS products to use as a framework for ADGESIM. Our research led us to choose VR-Forces and VR-Link."


DRDC Toronto Relies on MÄK Tools for Hercules Transport

"The MÄK tools are easy to use and networkable, allowing us to seamlessly connect other HLA-compatible systems to provide a valuable learning experience for aircraft personnel."


CSC Chooses MÄK’s VR-Link for Virtual Ship 2000 HLA Compliance

"The product was vital in our development program. Plus MÄK’s technical support staff was excellent, not only answering questions, but also running tests to investigate problems. The project was accomplished more quickly and efficiently thanks to MÄK’s products and technical support."


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center - Division of Sports Medicine Uses DI-Guy to Create Sport-Specific Scenarios for Training and Evaluation

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has chosen DI-Guy, VT MÄK’s line of human simulation software, to help develop a virtual environment to study athletic injuries and prevention.

Ben-Gurion University Human Factors Engineering Center Chooses VT MÄK Products

“Only a COTS solution like the one offered by MÄK could meet the budget constraints of our project. It was the perfect all-in-one solution at the right price.”



BAE Systems, CNIR Saves 6 to 12 Months of Development Time Using MÄK Tools

"MÄK’s products saved us the time of building our own custom applications without sacrificing any of our simulation requirements. It would have taken anywhere from six months to a year to develop the capability we wanted on our own. MÄK’s off the shelf products have provided a well-developed solution that still allows us the flexibility to customize it as we see fit."

AFRL Warfighter Training Research Division Uses MÄK RTI for HLA Networking

"We have a close working relationship with their engineers. We don’t look at MÄK as a supplier, but as a partner in developing and progressing the use of HLA."


ADST II Transitions Simulators to HLA Using MÄK Technologies’ VR-Link

We recognized that as forerunners in the transition to HLA, we would encounter many growing pains, such as changing RPR-FOM and RTI versions. The product we chose needed to keep up with those changes." 

A Smooth Transition to HLA at Raytheon

"It would have been a major undertaking without MÄK’s toolkit. I studied the options and the toolkit takes care of a lot of things that you’d have to code yourself. Without it, we’d never have been able to finish by the end of the year."