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Terrain Agile – Types, Tools & Providers

MÄK products accept terrain that is built using the leading terrain techniques by the industry’s terrain tools and content providers.



Types of Terrain

MÄK's terrain agile products can handle terrain that is designed with these popular terrain types:

Streaming Terrain

VR-Vantage uses osgEarth to import streaming terrain elevation and imagery data. The data can be streamed from external servers and sources or from a directory on the computer running VR-Forces or VR-Vantage. osgEarth is an open source plug-in to OpenSceneGraph, maintained by Pelican Mapping at osgEarth is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

MÄK will provide modified source code for osgEarth upon request, as per the OSGPL license. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain the download links for our modified source.

Terrain data can be streamed from any OGC or OSGeo compliant server that can serve formats accepted by osgEarth.

MÄK Provides VR-TheWorld Streaming Terrain Server that comes loaded with an Earth full of terrain data.

Paging Terrain

Large area terrain databases that are organized as rows and columns of terrain tiles can be paged into VR-Forces and VR-Vantage on an as needed basis. MÄK's terrain agile products supports databases described by MetaFlight. 

Site Models and single file databases

Site Models are terrain databases built into a file that loads as a single unit. VR-Forces and VR-Vantage support a large variety of 2D image and 3D model file formats. OSG supplies a QuickTime plugin for loading movie files, and a plugin for loading font files using the FreeType library.

VR-Forces and VR-Vantage supports the following 3D model formats:

  • MÄK terrain database (.gdb)
  • MÄK encrypted data format (.medf)
  • MÄK Stealth format (.mtl)
  • MÄK terrain project or terrain descriptor file (.mtp, .mtd)
  • OpenFlight (.flt)
  • MetaFlight (.mft)
  • DTED (.dt0, .dt1, .dt2, .dted)
  • CTDB 4, 7, 7L (.c4b, .c7b, .c7l)
  • ESRI Shapefile (.shp)
  • Terrex Terrapage (.txp)
  • 3D Studio (.3ds)
  • Alias Wavefront (.obj)
  • Carbon Graphics' Geo (.geo)
  • OSG (.osg and .ive)
  • COLLADA (.dae)
  • Quake (.md2)
  • NewTek LightWave (.lwo and .lws).

The .osg format is an ASCII text representation of a scene graph that you can edit in a text editor. The .ive format is a binary format, which is optimized for fast loading.

VR-Vantage has several file formats of its own. MEDF is the MAK Encrypted Data Format. MEIF is the MAK Encrypted Image Format. MTF is the MAK Terrain Format. And MSF is the MÄK Scene Format.

You can import images in the following formats:

  • GEO Tiff (.tif, .tiff)
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • PNG
  • RGB
  • Windows bitmap (.bmp)
  • GIF
  • ECW.


Terrain Database Providers

MÄK works with terrain database suppliers to ensure that our customers have access to high-quality terrain databases that work well within MÄK products.



B-Design 3D ( B-Design produces highly accurate 3D interactive visual databases for real time rendering systems like VR-Vantage and VR-Forces.

B-Design and MÄK have partnered to deliver several premium quality terrains to any customer using VR-Vantage or VR-Forces for testing and proof of concept demonstrations. The terrains are lightly watermarked with the B-Design logo; users requiring the full, immersive terrain may contact B-Design to have the logo removed. Each of these terrains is available in the Supplemental Data package shipped with both VR-Vantage and VR-Forces. 

Driving Town Day

Driving town day is a large terrain suitable for urban driving simulators. It offers a wide selection of roads and complex intersections. Many roads are covered in speed trees with pedestrian crosswalks, sidewalks, and different parking configurations.

Driving Town Night

Driving town night is the same terrain as driving town day, except emissive textures have been added to provide beautiful low light visualization. Street lights cast light on the sidewalks, and store fronts illuminate the scene.

Middle Eastern Village

The Middle Eastern Village terrain is a large terrain suitable for air and ground operations over a sprawling Middle Eastern village. The village is surrounded by fields and forests allowing for a wide variety of training operations.



Simthetiq has been working with MÄK to ensure that their SUROBI Virtual Training Environment database works well in VR-Forces, VR-Vantage, and DI-Guy. MÄK is showing SUROBI at trade shows as part of MÄK marketing demonstrations. If you would like to use this database contact Simthetiq directly.

Surobi VTE




Real DB Inc, has an established 15-years track record of providing consistent, high quality 3D modeling  for real-time graphic applications in the field of military training, industrial simulation and serious game. Many of the 3D models that come with MAK Products were licensed from Real DB Inc.