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Realistic Human Characters for Extraordinary Modeling and Simulation. Super-realistic, fully-rigged, easy to talk to characters.


The engine that puts human characters into the real-time visual systems used by IG manufacturers, modeling & simulation companies, and system integrators.


DI-Guy Scenario

simplifies authoring of human performances so you can populate your world with correctly behaving, real-time, interactive characters.

DI-Guy Expressive Faces

Facial animation for realistic, up-close 3D human simulation. Lip synchronization, eye movement, and emotive expressions are all remarkably easy.

Person Specific Characters

Use photogrammetry to make your characters look just like your trainees? Our process reduces the time to make new characters — characters you'll recognize.

DI-Guy Motion Editor

Kick, lift, point, beckon, signal, dance, ... Make characters move like your people Upload mocap data or use the editor to blend and interpolate or use kinematics.

Human characters that intelligently interact with your training simulation.

Our human simulation software is optimized to create scenarios only hours before training exercises begin. We have characters with brains built from layers on layers of artificial intelligence. These characters know what to do over the course of the day, they know how to find their way around the environment, they respond to other entities in the simulation, and they make seamless transitions from one activity to the next, all while moving naturally like real people.

The DI-Guy product line includes ECOSim ready built for training, Lifeform Server to inject characters into your simulation environments, DI-Guy Scenario (with AI) for authoring human performances, DI-Guy SDK so you can integrate characters into your visual systems, and tools to create new characters or modify the thousands that come with all DI-Guy products. Save your time and money – create outstanding simulations with DI-Guy.


Human Character Products

  • ECOSim – Enhanced Company Operations Simulation
  • Lifeform Server – Lifeform Server combines DI-Guy Scenario, AI, and Networking into a single integrated solution
  • DI-Guy AI – Complete AI solution for controlling humans and other virtual entities
  • DI-Guy Scenario – A point-and-click application for quickly generating compelling human performances
  • DI-Guy Expressive Faces – Facial animation for realistic, up-close 3D human simulation
  • DI-Guy SDK – Add realistic human characters to 3D graphical applications
  • DI-Guy for Unity Game Engine – Add Human Characters to Unity games
  • DI-Guy Motion Editor – Add and extend motion behaviors for DI-Guy SDK and DI-Guy Scenario